4 Popular Jewelry Stores In Ohio

Whether you want to buy an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other kind of jewelry in Ohio, you’ll want to shop at a good jewelry store. With that said, you’re probably wondering what the most popular jewelry stores in Ohio are.

Below are some of the most popular ones you can check out.

1. Dunkin’s Diamonds Lima

You’ll find this store in Allen County. If you’re looking to buy diamonds, engagement jewelry, wedding jewelry or earrings, then look no further than this store. They have a large selection of jewelry and at great prices.

Also, they offer a number of financing options. This means you can easily afford jewelry from Dunkin’s Diamonds. Furthermore, the store is known for their customer service and knowledge, which is another reason why it is one of the most popular jewelry stores in all of Ohio. Feel free to visit their website or go to their location to learn more about them.

2. James Free Jewelers

This diamond dealer is located in Kettering and it’s open every day of the week, except for Sunday. They also have many reviews written about them, with the majority of them being positive in nature. They sell everything from regular jewelry to time-pieces to Rolex products and wedding bands and much more. You can even buy custom jewelry from James Free Jewelers, which is another reason why you should check them out.

The staff at James Free Jewelers are known for being highly experienced with jewelry. They’ll be more than happy to assist you and help you choose the right piece of jewelry. The prices are also more than fair.

3. Genesis Diamonds

Genesis Diamonds is located in Cincinnati Ohio and t’s no secret why Genesis Diamonds is so popular. They offer over 25,000 GIA certified diamonds, so this is the place to go if you are after diamonds. Besides that, they have a low deposit requirements and they offer special flexible financing to customers. Furthermore, if you find a better price on designer engagement ring maintenance cost that you want to buy, then they will beat the price, but you will be impressed with their prices, selection and the customer service you’ll receive as soon as you step foot into the store.

4. Komara Jewelers

You can find this store in Canfield, OH and they have been around since 1948 and for good reasons. They sell quality jewelry of all types and at great prices. They are a family-owned jewelry shop and they have a website where you can see what they sell and what services they offer. Whether you want to have jewelry appraised or have apiece engraved or buy jewelry, then there’s no better place to go than Komara Jewelers in Ohio.

The above jewelry stores are among the most popular in Ohio. It’s up to you to decide which ones you should shop at. Feel free to do additional research on each store before you decide who you want to buy from. Remember, take your time because buying quality jewelry is important.