Amazing Jewelry Cleaning Secrets Everyone Should Know

If you want to make sure you always have an amazing selection of jewelry to accessorize your outfits with, you need to take care of every single piece in your collection. Simply keeping them in boxes or cases isn’t enough. Many professional services and jewelry stores would have you believe only they can properly take care of your rings, necklaces, and earrings, but fortunately that’s far from the truth. There are a number of jewelry cleaning secrets that can help you assure their longevity right from the comfort of your own home. Now, let’s dive head first into a few of the most notable examples:

1 – Baking Soda

Okay, who’s even surprised? Baking soda is included in virtually every home remedy or “do it yourself” guide out there. As it turns out, it can help clean your jewelry as well. It’s especially useful for removing any buildup on your silver or diamonds. Just make a solution with 2 parts water and 1 part baking soda and allow the jewelry to soak for a few minutes. You can then dry them with a chamois cloth and you should be all done! If not, a gentle Q-tip may help you wide away the excess from the smallest recesses of each piece.

2 – Dish Soap

Dish soap is also useful for returning your jewelry to new. You should be able to use this for bracelets and necklaces alike. The idea here is much the same as baking soda; you simply add a few drops of your dish soap to a small container of room temperature water and allow whatever needs a cleaning to sit for at least a few minutes. From there, you can scrub them clean with a gentle toothbrush. Purchase a model meant for baby teeth if you want the softest bristles possible.

3 – Silica Gel Packets

Everyone should be familiar with the small silica gel packets that sometimes come packaged with certain items. They always have the amusing “do not eat” warning on the label. You need to either hold some back as you come across them or buy your own supply. If you throw one or two of these in your jewelry boxes, you’ll be able to make sure you’re absorbing any potential moisture that may become trapped inside. This is an especially useful tip for humid climates. You’ll even be able to make sure your jewelry isn’t able to oxidize as quickly this way, therefore preserving its natural color.

Of course, that only breaches the surface of what you can do to clean your jewelry at home. The same old trick of using slightly warm water with a dash or two of another substance has endless variations, and there are a number of different cloths and home cleaning kits that are actually quite useful. In any event, it’s important to note that you don’t need the aid of a professional cleaning service in any regard. Only if you come across an old collection that’s really in rough shape will you possibly need the help of an expert, but otherwise you should be able to tackle any cleaning project on your own. To find great designs click here.