4 Popular Jewelry Stores In Ohio

Whether you want to buy an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other kind of jewelry in Ohio, you’ll want to shop at a good jewelry store. With that said, you’re probably wondering what the most popular jewelry stores in Ohio are.

Below are some of the most popular ones you can check out.

1. Dunkin’s Diamonds Lima

You’ll find this store in Allen County. If you’re looking to buy diamonds, engagement jewelry, wedding jewelry or earrings, then look no further than this store. They have a large selection of jewelry and at great prices.

Also, they offer a number of financing options. This means you can easily afford jewelry from Dunkin’s Diamonds. Furthermore, the store is known for their customer service and knowledge, which is another reason why it is one of the most popular jewelry stores in all of Ohio. Feel free to visit their website or go to their location to learn more about them.

2. James Free Jewelers

This diamond dealer is located in Kettering and it’s open every day of the week, except for Sunday. They also have many reviews written about them, with the majority of them being positive in nature. They sell everything from regular jewelry to time-pieces to Rolex products and wedding bands and much more. You can even buy custom jewelry from James Free Jewelers, which is another reason why you should check them out.

The staff at James Free Jewelers are known for being highly experienced with jewelry. They’ll be more than happy to assist you and help you choose the right piece of jewelry. The prices are also more than fair.

3. Genesis Diamonds

Genesis Diamonds is located in Cincinnati Ohio and t’s no secret why Genesis Diamonds is so popular. They offer over 25,000 GIA certified diamonds, so this is the place to go if you are after diamonds. Besides that, they have a low deposit requirements and they offer special flexible financing to customers. Furthermore, if you find a better price on designer engagement ring maintenance cost that you want to buy, then they will beat the price, but you will be impressed with their prices, selection and the customer service you’ll receive as soon as you step foot into the store.

4. Komara Jewelers

You can find this store in Canfield, OH and they have been around since 1948 and for good reasons. They sell quality jewelry of all types and at great prices. They are a family-owned jewelry shop and they have a website where you can see what they sell and what services they offer. Whether you want to have jewelry appraised or have apiece engraved or buy jewelry, then there’s no better place to go than Komara Jewelers in Ohio.

The above jewelry stores are among the most popular in Ohio. It’s up to you to decide which ones you should shop at. Feel free to do additional research on each store before you decide who you want to buy from. Remember, take your time because buying quality jewelry is important.

Three Places Where You Can Buy Custom Jewelry

Are you the type of person that loves to start new trends and never follow the herd. If so, you more than likely love getting custom jewelry. This is the type of jewelry that people take notice of and stop you in the street for. They want to know where you got it and how it was made. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? The problem with custom jewelry is trying to find it. If you are able to find it, it may not be the quality you are looking for. With this in mind, we wanted to offer our tips in helping you find the best custom jewelry.

Find best Custom jewelry Store

One of the first stops you should make in your search for custom jewelry is online. There are many quality shops that will offer custom-made jewelry for you. In addition, many times the prices cannot be beaten, especially for something that is created just for you. Take a look online and see what you are able to find. It is important that you do some research n the jewelry store before you purchase. If it is a large enough shop that specializes in custom pieces, it should b=not be that hard to find reviews of the service and the quality of the work. If you are able to find a shop that has low prices, a good rating, and multiple reviews, you have found a winner.

If you are not fond of buying your jewelry online, there very well may be a local artist or shop not that far from your home that will be able to assist you. Once again though you will need to use the internet. This time, we just need to do a simple search. For example, if you live in Richmond, you would type in “Richmond custom made jewelry“. This is going to bring up all of the local relevant businesses that will be able to help you with your custom made jewelry. Once again, take the time to research the shop or artist to ensure they are high-quality and that there is little chance to be scammed.

As you can see, it is possible to buy custom jewelry from jewelry stores Dayton Ohio without that much of a hassle and expense. You simply will need to do a little bit of research to find the best option for you. Regardless of whether you find someone local or on the internet, you are going to get a piece that is as unique as you are!

Find The Perfect Wedding Ring In Troy

If you live in Troy, Ohio and you are looking for a wedding ring, you want to take your time and look at plenty of jewelry before you decide what you want to buy. There are plenty of jewelry stores in Troy but not all of them are going to be affordable.

How Much You Want Spend?

Before you even start looking at jewelry, you should have an idea of how much you want to spend. You can’t really look at jewelry effectively if you don’t have a budget set up. You will end up wasting time looking at jewelry that is out of your price range.

You can find a huge selection of rings at any jewelry store and you want to spend your time looking at all the rings that are in your price range. Once you find the perfect ring you are going to be very happy and you will have a wedding ring that your bride is going to love.

Choose The Right Ring

It is important to choose the right ring when you are looking. If you choose a ring that isn’t right you are always going to be reminded that you made the wrong choice so you have to make the right choice when you are looking for your ring.

Before you look for your ring, you might want to make a list of some of the things you want in your ring. It is important to look around at many different styles and make sure your bride is going to love the stone. Your bride is going to be wearing this ring for a long time so you have to make sure that ring is going to be amazing.

The right ring is going to make your bride very happy and it will get your marriage off to a right start. When you find the right ring you will know it and you should also make sure that you have financing in place before you start looking for the ring.

Plan To Pay

You should either plan to pay for the ring in cash or you should plan to use financing from the jewelry store. You could also use your credit card to pay for your ring but plan to pay it off as soon as you can so you aren’t paying all the interest. If you don’t want to add to your debt, pay for your ring in cash. For more details visit http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-store-troy-ohio

How To Find The Best Dayton Jewelry Stores

Finding the best Dayton jewelry stores shouldn’t be too difficult, taking into consideration that most of them have a website and an active social media life. The first thing you should do when you want to buy an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry is to search online for jewelers near you. If you are located in Dayton, Ohio, you’ll quickly end up with a list of brick and mortar stores and e-commerce websites to take a closer look at.

Check The Online Reputation of Store

In order to choose the best jewelry store Dayton Oh , you have to check their online reputation and the opinion of their clients. When you invest in a diamond ring, you need to make sure you’ll get what you pay for. This means the store should be able to provide you quality certificates and guarantees that the gemstones are genuine and in accordance with the specifications that give their price and their market value.

Check The Clients Review

You can improve your chances to find the best jeweller by trying to find out what other clients have to say about their services. Since shopping for diamonds or for similar stuff is a personal matter, the relationship between the shop assistant or owner and the client is extremely important. You want to feel welcome. You want to see and compare lots of options before making your choice. You know you’re going to spend a lot of money, so you have to feel the comfort of being guided by an expert. You need the reassurance that you’re going to make the best possible purchase. This is something a smart jeweler can do. This is also why some jewelry stores are more popular than others, whether we talk about Dayton, Ohio, or any other city in the world for that matter.