Discover The Best Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Anyone who is looking to take their skin from drab to radiant should consider exfoliating. In the past, some of the most common scrubs used something called microbeads which are now outlawed in the US. So when getting a scrub, you want to make sure to avoid those but you shouldn’t run into them anywhere in the US.

Gloves That Are For Exfoliating

Using these types of gloves can save on time and use of water. Another good point of these types of gloves is the fact that they not only work fast but you don’t need any other product with them. Some selections are offered in neutral colors that can be hung up in the shower however some come in some bright colors so whichever you prefer is available.

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Those with dry skin or overly sensitive skin may want to avoid this choice. If you are scrubbing away lots of dry flakes it can irritate the skin. When this is the situation you might want to consider using body peels instead.

Body Peels

Glycolic acid is commonly used in body peels and after using this product you’ll find your skin is very supple. If you suffer or are prone to ingrown hairs or breakouts, this does wonders for pores that are clogged up or removing ingrown hair follicles.

Body Lotion

Some of you will have sensitive skin that makes using peels something to be avoided. The lotions will use something like beta hydroxy acids and this is one of the best skincare products that is used as alternative for those with sensitive skin. This type of product releases its ingredients more slowly and that allows sensitive skin to adjust without being irritated.

Try these methods of skin exfoliating and you will get great results. If one product doesn’t work as well for you then try one of the others. Some skin types simply do better with different methods of exfoliating.