DIY Hair Care – Overnight Hair Masks

For many people the decision to avoid the use of harsh man made chemicals for hair care is an easy one to make. Some have allergies that preclude the use of common hair care products while for others it a case of a more holistic approach to beauty care – and one that is far kinder to the environment.

Where overnight hair masks are concerned what are some of the best products that can be made at home?

Here are some fabulous ideas.

One of the most popular and effective hair mask is one that contains olive oil , egg yolks and aloe vera. All of these ingredients have great reputations for leaving hair shiny, manageable and repairing damage caused by sun and pollution. It extremely easy to make and all it takes are two tablespoons of olive oil a small amount of aloe vera gel and the two yolks. these should be mixed together to form a smooth paste and then massaged into the scalp for around 15 minutes hair growth. Gather the hair and put on a shower cap and leave the mixture in overnight. Rinse off with a gentle natural shampoo the next morning.

 aloe vera hair mask

For ultra shiny hair and a mask that really does wonders use a mixture of banana, castor oil and beer. Mash all the ingredients together until smooth and once again leave on overnight. Ultra shiny manageable hair is guaranteed.

The next hair mask sounds just perfectly healthy. The ingredients are coconut oil, yogurt and some vitamin E capsules. Break open the capsules and add to the other ingredients. Mix well and apply to the hair and scalp. once again use a shower cap and leave the mixture in overnight.

Natural Ingredients for Hair Shine

Here’s one that sounds good enough to eat – and is even more simple than can be imagined. there are only two ingredients – banana and yogurt. This perfect for stressed or dry hair. Many users have also reported that the yogurt will also deal with any dandruff problems very effectively.

 banana and yogurt hair mask

The next one has biblical overtones but users also do say that the effect is almost miraculous. Another two ingredient hair mask that uses two of the most common household pantry staples – milk and honey. This mixture will repair split ends. If the hair is course or very long another approach is to substitute the milk with creme fresh.

For those with thinning hair an overnight mask made from Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil will work wonders. You’ll need a cup of Castor Oil and a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil. Add the Rosemary and shake the mixture vigorously. Brush the mixture through the hair and then retire for the night with your trusty shower cap in place.

All of these recipes have two things in common – they are all made from natural ingredients that are far kinder to the environment than those that are manufactured from harsh man made chemicals – and those who use them can vouch for their effectiveness.