Owning an English Bulldog: Pros and Cons

The bull dog is an absolutely lovable dog with a strong personality. They are great companions, but if you hope to adopt a special dog like this into your life you should be fully aware of what kind of canine you are bringing into your life.
Following is a basic overview of the various Pro’s and Cons of the Bulldog


There are far more Pro’s of this lovable dog that will take a place in your hearts and family faster than you can imagine, here are just a few.
Patience and Elegance �” if you are looking for a placid and patient friend that will add to the serenity of the atmosphere, the bull dog is the best choice. They are patient with rowdy kids, and aren’t so big that any rowdy playtimes are ever that catastrophic as with other dog’s half their size. As they age, they gain a stolid and calm composure, it is impossible to find a bad-tempered bull dog.
Adaptable �” you don’t need a large home with a sprawling garden to care for a bull dog, a small apartment and regular exercise will do just fine. The bull dog is not an athletic model and only small amounts of regular exercise are needed to keep them in good spirits and excellent health.
Quiet �” while they can raise a raucous if they see someone they don’t particularly trust or like, the bull dog is a quiet dog that can live in close proximity with exciting events, and not become overly excited himself.

Easy maintenance �” the bull dog is not a big shedder, but regular brushing will reduce this problem to non-existent. There is also no need for an expensive beauty regime as you may need with a silky long-haired dog.


If there are any drawbacks to the bull dog, they really fall on the fault of their human counterparts who fail to recognize the demeanor and stately dignity of the bull dog.

Training �” the bull dog comes from a long line of fierce and stately dogs and has developed a bit of conceited attitude about these humans always telling them what to do. It will be difficult to make the bull dog see things your way at first, but after keeping up with consistent positive motivation, you will win them over and find they are not as obstinate as some may think. Foods and treats are the key to the bull dog’s chubby little heart. Know Benefits Of Going To The English Bulldog Rescue 

Gluttony �” gluttony is a part of bull dogs character and without rations they can literally eat themselves into an early grave. It will be very important to provide strict rations and not allow them to raid the fridge, trash cans or dinner table.
Medical Needs �” the bull dog can live a healthy life, though not a particularly long one. The average life span of a bull dog is between 10 and 13 years. But frequent visits with their medical provider will keep them from falling afoul of eye conditions, hip dysplasia and skin problems. Know about  english bulldog breeders near me