The Importance Of GIA Diamond Grading Certification

When a stone has a GIA diamond grading certification attached to it, you can be sure you’re going to get exactly what you’ll pay for. This grading certification is similar to the birth certificate of a human. It includes all features that define that diamond and its market value such as the carat weight, the color grade, the cut grade and the clarity grade.

Check Grades

All grades in a GIA diamond certificate are given in accordance to universal grading scales all merchants all over the world understand and use. This piece of paper enables you to purchase your diamonds online, for as long as they come with it. You can trust the merchants to sell you exactly what they advertise. If they offer you an VS2 gemstone, you can check the GIA certificate, in order to see if this is true. This is how you can check all other grades, in order to rest assured you’ve invested your money in a good diamond.

Prevent Frauds

This standardization form makes it easier for regular diamond shoppers to avoid becoming the victims of the many frauds in this industry. In the absence of any certification, the average individual can’t make a difference between stone that costs hundreds and one that costs thousands of dollars. Clarity and color grades that are very close on their scales are impossible to disseminate, as the differences can be observed only by a trained grader, and only under 10x magnification. The proper lighting conditions could also help, but how many online jewelry store can offer lab conditions to their clients? Using the GIA grading chart is a more convenient way to inform potential buyers on the qualities of various diamonds, thus helping them find a gemstone that looks stylish and fits within the limits of their budget.