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Spoon Chandeliers Are An Acquired Taste

spoon lighting

Spoon chandeliers are really unique sources of lighting, especially when they are in the very technical sense of the word and have one or more levels of actual spoons hanging around them. Chandeliers are often thought of as something that is luxurious or high class, but not everyone thinks of spoon fixtures that way. Still, they have their perks, and they’re the perfect piece for some rooms and homes.

Of course they start their benefits with the perks that all chandeliers give you, which is a central source of light in the middle of the room, hanging from above. When placed over a dining room table, everyone can see each other just as well as the next person, making companionship and conversation a very fluid affair.

Spoon chandeliers do more than that though. When they involve actual spoons, they are usually a great fit for a dining room or eating area that has a kitchen or food-themed decor. If you have wallpaper with foods and dishes on them, then this piece is likely going to match.

Another great aspect of spoon chandeliers is how the spoons reflect and distribute the light. If they are clear or crystal, then the refraction they provide makes for quite the delightful look across the entire room. If they are solid and reflective, then they have a scattering effect that is without description. The curved bowls of the spoons send light out in many directions while the handles have a contrasting effect.

Something about spoon chandeliers that many adore is the fact that it makes for an interesting do-it-yourself project, which can’t be said about many chandelier styles. They fit really well into many modern or industrial styles, particularly lofts that were once part of a factory or manufacturing plant.