What Does The R22 Refrigerant Freon Cost?

One of the main concerns for large businesses is when large scale problems arise. There could be defects in their products and they will have to spend millions of dollars to resolve them. There can also be problems in relationship to components they have been using for decades, suddenly removed from the equation. An example of this has to do with refrigerants that have become unsafe. They have actually cause damage to the ozone layer. One of those is called Freon, a very common refrigerant that has been placed in millions of different items including refrigerators and freezers. Unfortunately, this must be phased out completely in the coming years. This could be very costly for businesses, and if you would like to replace it in your existing major appliances, here is how much it would cost.

Why Is R22 No Longer Acceptable?

There is only one reason why this is not an acceptable refrigerant any longer. It has to do with how its chemical makeup is detrimental to a substance called ozone. If you have heard of the ozone layer before, you may realize that if you decades ago, laws were passed to prevent this from getting depleted by what are called hydrofluorocarbons. There are also derivatives of this that will also do something similar. What these gases do is interact with ozone in the atmosphere at very high altitudes, and it will begin to break down this very necessary shield of protection that we all have from cosmic rays. Those that do not curb their use of these coolants by the year 2020 will be in violation of a law that requires this particular substance to be removed.

Is It Going To Be Very Expensive To Replace?

It’s going to be quite expensive for larger businesses to replace all of this. Part of the reason has to do with the higher cost of producing these gases which will not adversely affect ozone at all. Although this process can take some time, over the next decade, there will not be a single product produced by businesses that create major appliances and other machines that use Freon to keep things cool. Check out https://twitter.com/bluonenergy

Where Was This Problem With Ozone And Freon First Noticed?

The problem was first noticed when satellites were able to detect that the ozone layer above Antarctica was becoming very thin. It subsequently vanished, creating this several thousand mile whole. As time progressed, it was clear that something was definitively wrong. At the time, it was only over the continent of Antarctica which is why most people were not concerned with this problem. However, science was able to develop replacement fluids and gases that could easily replace Freon and would not harm the ozone layer. This is why this must be done, and it will likely cost millions of dollars for each major company that is producing products that use r22 as a refrigerant.

On a smaller scale, you may want to replace Freon that is in your refrigerator. You may be able to get this done for under $100. It just depends on where you live, what type of appliance needs to be worked on, and what type of replacement coolant you are going to choose. If you are in a major city, you could probably have this replaced for less. There will be several choices when it comes to Freon replacement businesses. Although the cost will be small, it will contribute greatly to preventing any further damage to our atmosphere, specifically the ozone layer which keeps us safe. To know more about us visit the website at http://www.bluonenergy.com/freon-price/.