Would You Use An Exfoliating Hand Mitt For Your Skincare Regimen?

Not too long ago, the existence of exfoliating gloves was brought to my attention. They can also be referred to as exfoliating hand mitts. To be quite honest with you, I wouldn’t have thought of taking this type of extra measure in my 20s and early 30s. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t have. Nowadays, however, at 36, I find these products intriguing. You are talking about a complete body exfoliation.

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Difference Between Rag and Exfoliating Mitt

Naturally, we are supposed to exfoliate our bodies entirely on the regular. However, there is a difference between using a rag and using the exfoliating hand mitts. You are also going to find that you can choose from among different products out there in regards to these exfoliating mitts. Are they inexpensive enough to really take the step to get one now?

I guess it also depends on how you prioritize skin care. It can also depend on your age as mentioned because I did not necessarily think about this early on. I ran into these mitts when writing about them and have since realized that I would certainly like to have one. While I have not purchased one yet, it’s definitely something that interests me as I said.

You can read about how to use them and what all you get when purchasing the product. What do you currently use for exfoliation? If you’re like most of us, you have a rag or loofa with you in the shower to exfoliate your body. Loofas are nice, but the exfoliating gloves are supposed to be a step up. You can read about the benefits of course and then make a decision for yourself. Personally, I just think they sound neat, innovative and easy to use. That kind of makes them seem like a winning product in my book.